The state of Idaho has no official health and safety regulations in regards to tattooing and piercing. While the expo appreciates the relaxed atmosphere no regulations brings, WE WILL REQUIRE COMMON SENSE HEALTH REGULATIONS TO KEEP THE ARTISTS AND CLIENTS SAFE.


Artist Requirements

  1. All persons who have a reasonable anticipated risk for skin, eye, or mucous membrane contact with blood should comply with standard precautions/body substance isolation. All Artists tattooing or piercing MUST have current blood borne pathogen training. Certificate should be no older than 2 years and you will be asked to show certificate at check in. All body artists who will be working in your booth must show their individual certificate. One certificate will not cover the whole shop.

  2. Artists should not perform any tattoo or piercing procedures if they are ill or experiencing symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice, rash or open skin infections such as boils, impetigo or scabies.

  3. Artists must wash their hands before and after taking any breaks. Additionally, artists must wash their hands or use an approved hand‐washing alternative between clients.

  4. Artists must keep consent forms for each client. Additionally, all artists must provide aftercare instructions for each customer.

  5. The tattooing age in Idaho is 14 years old with parental consent. Artist MUST be shown the child’s birth certificate showing proof of age as well as proof of parents. The consenting parent must show ID as well as proof that this is their child.


Booth Requirements

  1. Chairs and surfaces must be non‐absorbent, water impervious and easily cleaned. No cloth chairs should be used, and massage tables and armrests must be properly covered with plastic barriers or medical grade disposable drape sheets used one‐time only.

  2. Each booth is responsible for bringing their own cleaning and disinfecting supplies. These must be hospital grade, tuberculocidal, EPA‐approved disinfectants. Each booth must bring enough cleaning and disinfecting supplies to last the entire day/convention. Make sure to follow kill‐time as appropriate for your product.

  3. Each artist or booth must have enough tools sterilized by autoclave and single use equipment to last the entire day/convention. Also bring a current spore test (no more than 30 days old) and make sure all packages are properly dated within the time of the spore test. If you use pre‐sterilized disposable sharps and tubes make sure the expiration dates are valid. If you only use pre‐sterilized equipment the spore test of your individual machine will not be required.

  4. Artists should bring enough sterilized sharps and tools to last for the duration of the convention. Facilities will NOT be provided for the processing of contaminated tools. Scrubbing, rinsing, autoclaving, or the use of ultrasonic cleaners will be prohibited from the convention site.

  5. Disposable sharps (tattoo or piercing needles, e.g.) or reusable sharps (tattoo tubes or piercing tools) containers must be clearly marked and stored where they are inaccessible to customers. Sharps must be disposed of in leak proof, rigid, puncture resistant containers. Disposable sharps containers will NOT be provided. You must bring disposable sharps containers and a biohazard/sealed container for your used tubes (unless you use disposable tubes), and show us at check in.

  6. Artists MUST wrap all fresh tattoos with a non-porous barrier! Plastic wrap, soaker pads, and Sani-derm are a few suggestions. Many tattoo supply companies and all medical supply companies sell them. If we see clients without a wrap on a fresh tattoo we will bandage them and give you a warning. After several warnings you may be asked to leave the convention. Keep your art safe from infections.

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