Seminars all weekend long for industry professionals, by leaders in the world of tattooing.


Blood-borne Pathogens Training and Certification for the Tattoo Industry

Friday, October 18th @ 11am - 1pm

2 hrs


For many years, RUBY SANTIAGO has been the authority in the Pacific North West on training the Tattoo, Piercing and Body modification industry in Blood-borne Pathogens, Cross contamination, and Aseptic technique! She will be hosting a pre-show , 2 hour certified class on BBP, specifically designed for Tattooers and Piercers. 

Whether you have never taken a BBP training because it’s not required in Idaho, need to refresh for your licensing in Washington, or just feel you want to provide better safety for your clients, family and yourself. This is the seminar you want to take. Ruby is here to help us raise the bar, and keep our community safe. You shouldn’t be practicing our craft without this knowledge, and this is your chance to level up.

This is an officially accredited BBP course, and you will receive a certification. 
Contact Ruby directly for preregistration @:


ProCreate for Tattooers

Friday, October 18th @ 6pm - 8pm

2 hrs



Damon Conklin of Super Genius Tattoo in Seattle will be sharing his knowledge on working with Procreate on the Ipad! If you have ventured into the realm of drawing on an IPad, and are stumbling through Procreate, or would just like to learn some more advanced techniques, this is for you. 

To register, contact Damon directly @:


Advanced Stencil Application Workshop

Friday, October 18th @ 9pm - 10pm

1 hour


Presenting a work shop on advanced stencil placement. Ever wonder how those geo people get their stencils to line up like that? Struggle with getting a stencil in a weird spot? Wonder no more! There is an art and a science to these techniques, and Ryan wants to show you his tricks!

To register, contact Ryan directly @:


Tattoo Machine Building, Tuning, & Springing

Saturday, October 19th @ 10am - 1pm

2-4 hrs


We welcome back JACOB REDMOND to provide his incredible knowledge in the art of tattoo machine building, tuning and springing! This amazing workshop is for PROFESSIONAL TATTOO ARTISTS ONLY! The workshop includes an information booklet and the MACHINE YOU BUILD! Expect between 2 and 4 hours, depending on how many sign ups there are, limited to 10 spots! Learn from a master craftsmen, and keep sharp , all while getting a great new machine for your collection!


To register, contact Jacob directly for @:

10 spots available


Black & Grey Tattoo Technique

Saturday, October 20th @ 1pm - 4:30pm

3.5 hrs


Bryan Childs, owner of Spidermonkey Tattoos in Olympia, WA, will demonstrate his process and  answer your questions in real time during a live tattoo session, providing tips and techniques for creating smooth black and grey tattoos with depth. He will cover various key points about his process including the use of washes and shading techniques, preparation of reference, stenciling, machine and work station set up, and healing method. With 26 years of experience, and numerous awards for his black and grey pieces, Bryan will present this seminar to give you a solid foundation for your next black and grey tattoo.


Register Day-of at the convention


Pigment 101

Saturday, October 19th @ 8pm - 10pm

1 - 2hrs

Free to All Tattooers

$10 to the general public

A pioneer in the Inland Pacific Northwest tattoo community, TELISA SWAN is sharing her insights on how it all works!
This seminar is FREE for all professional tattooers, and only $10.00 for anyone who is just curious as to how tattoo pigments actually work, and the history of it. 

This is a basic course explaining what pigments are made from. This is not a course on how to make your own tattoo pigments, rather it is designed to inform artists on the basic composition of pigments and includes a short film explaining why tattoo pigments are permanent in the skin.

Telisa will go over the difference between organic and inorganic pigments and why they may, or may not, be safe to use under the skin, as well as what comprises pigments used for many other purposes including paints and dyes.

Register Day-of at the convention


Introduction to Enamels, Pinstriping, & Sign Painting

Sunday, October 20th @ 11am - 1pm



Roth Studios official artist, and owner of @moscowtattoocompany MATT JOHNSON will be hosting a fantastic seminar on an introduction to Enamel painting, Pinstriping and Sign Painting! Learn to create your own signage, hand decorate objects, and make art! This is a lost skill set, and we are excited to offer it to you! Seminar comes with a professional Pinstriping brush, and panel to work on in this workshop environment!

To register, contact Matt directly for @: